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mbultuk Cave
Located  in Tumpakkepuh village, Bakung district, Blitar regency. Southern of Blitar City about 40 km. Do you know? Blitar is the biggest basecamp of PKI. PKI is Partai Komunis Indonesia or Komunis Government. The biggest basecamp of PKI in the south of Blitar, near south sea. And Embultuk Cave is the one of PKI basecamp that still natural. You will through the time about 1-1,5 hours from Blitar City. This cave still fill in by waters. Its length about 1500 meters. In this cave you can see stalagmite and stalaktit. Access in cave not easy because the way fill of water and very dark. You must bring petromak lamp and other clothes if you come to this cave. And you must very be carefull because many little holes in the road. The scenery very exotic, the colours of stalakmit are colorful. The sound of water splatter increasing natural impression. You will guided by people there. People very humble and friendly. Enchantment of stalagmite will makes you enjoy the place with awesome atmosphere. This place is always crowded by many tourist, domestic or foreign, especially in vacation season. The road to there still hard, because this place arrounded by mountaint.

Sawentar temple
Located in Sawentar village in Kanigoro district. In the east of Blitar city. About 8 km from Garum. This temple very resemble with Kidal temple. This temple is used to worship Wishnu , the God of Hindu. On the wall of this temple , there is chisel with Portugis cross design. Archaeology of Sawentar temple become east java guarantee culture eternality hall responsible in Trowulan. Geographicly, Sawentar temple located in the east side of Kelud stripe. This temple was made of Andesit stone. Has a length about 9,53 m, width about 6,86 m, and the height about 10,65 m. This temple arrounded by river. The nearest river is Ngasinan river. But this river not used again by people. Following with otonom government system, all of the managing and responsibility of Sawentar temple eternality and its environment under Blitar regency government. What the pity , access to this temple hard enough to pass, because the road to this temple still perforate. Entrance door to chamber located in the west with makara ornament at cheek of stairs. In the chamber, you can find many collapses of statue with Garuda chisel, that called as transportation of Wishnu.

Gebang palace.
Gebang Palace is the house that used by Soekarno when he was young. Do you know Soekarno? Soekarno is the first President in Indonesia. He loved by people, specially Indonesian people, because he very wise to leads his country. He was dare to againsts enemies who wants to colonize Indonesia. Come back to Gebang Palace, located at Sultan Agung street no. 59 Blitar city. Not far from Makam Bung Karno, about 2 km to south.  In culture of Java, Gebang Palace called Ndalem Gebang. The part of Gebang Palace is First House, here you can find some Bung Karno’s collections. There are old furniture of chairs and tables, his bedrooms, until his photos. There are some people who selling many foods or snacks from Blitar. Actually, this house is Poegoeh Wardoyo’s house. He is Soekarmini husband, the old sister of Bung Karno. In the right side of First House, there is Art hall. This hall always used to showing wayang, complete with gamelan, the traditional music from Java.