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Peh pulo, one of the beaches in Blitar. The beach was outstanding dubbed the Raja Ampat Blitar, because of the resemblance that there are many such islands of Raja Ampat in Papua. But the beach was still not known among the public. To go to Peh Pulo, we have to prepare everything with extras for a path to Peh Pulo still macadam or not in the form of an asphalt road. We are going through the woods and places commonly passed to go to the beach. To get here is quite easy to route, just take the road leading to the coast and proceed to attack the village and if you are confused Sumbersih can ask the local community.

And when you have reached the shore for sure you will also agree with the others when the beach is beautiful and deserved the title as Raja Ampat Blitar. There is also still maintained clean. But there is still lacking for the amenities because the place is still unfamiliar sounds. No toilet, let alone parkig and mosque. And you can take a nice view on the hill, where you will also find the beach behind the hill.
The beach was also no less good to the Peh Pulo beach, a view of the sky and the blue sea water makes us amazed  they should look at this beauty.