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when I hear the word Teletubbies sure we will remember the 2000’s movie with four funny characters. Blitar has hills similar to that of movies hill Teletubbies, hills can be seen in the film with the character Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po. The shape is similar to Mount Teletubbies in the fil is what makes people named this place Bukit Teletubbies.  

The hillside location is in the hamlet kampunganyar Teletubbies, Sumberasri Village, Nglegok District, Blitar. the easiest path to get there is from the Bung Karno Grave straight north after arriving at the Penataran Market turned north to find a plantation turned east and then straight to follow that path. Plantation scenery while entering our eyes will be pampered by the papaya fruit farm where trees are still small but has borne fruit, pineapple fields which are one characteristic of Blitar. However, after the Penataran Market access roads to the north bit broken and were on good terms so that we have to be careful . Because visitors to put on the parking area below about 500 m from the tourist sites to go up to the Teletubbies Hill we can ride motorcycles just RP. 5000 / person. Teletubbies hill actually been around a long time but it was only the middle of 2016, better known by many people. the existing facilities there including ATV, blimp, hammocks, as well as a number of other interesting games. as well as several other supporting facilities among which the food stalls selling a wide variety of menus, a toilet, as well as the location of a large parking for two-wheeled vehicles, four-wheel and others. here we can enjoy a sunset or sunrise, play existing vehicle, take pictures – a photo with an interesting spot there