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Blitar is one of East Java Regencies, having the capital with the same name. Blitar is located near to Kediri Regency in the North, Malang Regency in the East, Hindia Ocean in the South and Tulungagung Regency in the West.

Blitar, in both city and district, is located at the foot of Mount Kelud, East Java. Blitar is always affected by lava that has erupted by Kelud mountain for almost dozens of times starting from the year 1331. Layers of volcanic soils, which are found in Blitar is the result of the freezing lava that erupted periodically since many years ago.

Because of the effect of the lava, makes Blitar soil is containing the ashes of volcanic eruptions, sand, and marl ( which is limestone mixed with clay). The land is generally yellowish gray, sour, crumbly and susceptible to erosion. That is good for growing rice, sugarcane, tobacco, and vegetables.

Moreover, tobacco plants are also grow in this area. Tobacco was grow since The Netherlands began successfully mastered this area around the 17th century. In fact, Blitar economic progress been determined by the succeeded or failure of tobacco production.

There is a famous river in Blitar, name Sungai Brantas or Brantas river. This River is divide Blitar regency into two area, which is North Blitar and South Blitar. In South Blitar, the soil is having grumusol type that suitable for growing cassava, corn and teak.

The existence of Brantas river was already plays an important role since the early begin for some regencies. Beside it is fertile, some of famous ancient kingdom like Kediri, Singosari and Majapahit Kingdom, all of its capital were lies near the Brantas River basin. Hence, The three fertile regions, of Malang, Kediri, and Mojokerto, as if “created” by the Brantas River as the center position of a government.

Dating back to the early history, we are now agree that Blitar was build by numbers of history time line affected by some famous kingdom or even become the only way to go to Malang or Kediri at that time. As the result of those things, Blitar nowadays is should be proud for they have some contributions or ancient heritage that can be use to be tourism destination. Blitar have temples, monuments, beaches and the famous of Indonesia first president grave of Soekarno is also laying down in Blitar.

Blitar, small city with huge story…

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