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Village of chocolate “Kampung Coklat” be located in Plosorejo village, Kademangan subdistrict, Blitar regency. Village of chocolate is only one tourism chocolate in Indonesia. Village of chocolate is also education tourism. This place very lively and many consumen became when holiday. We can take a picture together, buy some food, buy some drink for chocolate and studying how mannering chocolate to make food or drink.

The  entry ticket is Rp 5000 and the entry ticket for parking busses is Rp 20.000. a way to the Kmpung Coklat about 1,5 hours from the city center. Such a to go in kampung coklat tourism area, we can to smell chocolate scent in this area. There are we can look chocolate garden view and also to be some sellers prepared chocolate manner are  ice chocolate, ice cream chocolate, mie chocolate, etc. Many fasilities prepared by village of chocolate, except in addition to the culinary area at the weekend there is also entertainment stage that will accompany our holiday with the family so the more lively. Moreover, many young people also who visit to enjoy the atmosphere of the cocoas that are difficult to find. Except to the facility outlet that sells chocolate-based drinks, you can also enjoy fishing in a pond reflection provided. Unfortunately there are only a stage entertainment at weekends only. So a typical day there anything at this stage entertainment. Mushola facility has also been provided by the manager for wanting to do their daily prayer when he was in the village of chocolate Except to enjoying a variety of processed chocolate, we also can follow the cooking class and saw nurseries brown. Nurseries chocolate every day did not exist, there is a season, so if lucky we can see the brown seeds are still small. Village nurseries chocolate brown in Blitar, is one of the favorite places of visitors to take pictures. Before going home we can stop by the stores that sell a variety of processed chocolate such as chocolate brownies, chocolate candies to sell cocoa powder used in beverages and ice cream. This brown powder similar to that used on mini-outlets in tourist areas cocoas. If we are out of town and did not have time to buy a wide variety of souvenirs in the village Blitar chocolate, we can purchase through the online store. Currently the village chocolate can only serve reservation only pure cocoa powder. For products other cocoa villages can not serve and ready to send to the rest of Indonesia.