Nov 22

Blitar Tourism

Serang Beach be located in Serang village, Panggungrejo subdistrict, Blitar regency. Serang beach have black sand and blue sea water. This beach natural atmosphere makes it feel comfortable to play games. Serang beach consists of three parts of the beach where each beach can be reached by walking through the hills that became the dividing. A way to the beach is about 1,5 hours from the city center. During the trip we were treated to a beautiful natural landscape and spruce located on the side of the road to the beach. On this beach, we can also look for the beginning of the month suro. There we can play games, take a picture, enjoy the atmosphere of the beach, etc. Unfortunately, the access road to get there is still not pass by buses. Entry ticket is Rp 10.000 and the entry ticket for parking Rp 5.000 With a stretch of beach here can be fairly wide, white sand and the shoreline is gently sloping, and the waves are not too big to make this beach very suitable for use as a water playground, showers on the beach and sunbathe or just take pictures enjoy the natural beauty, blend between the beach and the beautiful hills will not make us disappointed when visited here. Here in fact there are 3 beach complex where the second and third beach located on the west coast of the main, and separated by a hill. Where the main coast is also used by a float an offering activities such suro 1st in Malang Balekambang Beach. In addition here too there is a fishing village that normally catch lobster and fish in their traditional way. To reach this beach itself requires stamina is quite large because the distance is far enough, with terrain that could be considered not good and confusing if not careful we will see road signs wrong way, because of the lack of signs pointing the way to get there. For us tourists who want to visit the beach resorts of attack, do not forget to invite your friends or family, and most importantly, bring your camera to capture the beautiful moments of togetherness. For visitors who pairs also not wrong to choose these places, because in addition to eliminate fatigue, brain refreshes the place is also suitable for photos preweding.

Penataran temple be located in Penataran village, Nglegok subdistrict, Blitar regency. Penataran temple is the biggest temple in east java. Located at the foot of Mount Kelud and the air feels natural so cool here. Penataran temple is the famous temple in Blitar. This temple has stood in the great era of the three kingdoms, is Majapahit, Singasari and Kediri. Penataran temple consists of three yards. In the font yards consisting of the Bale Agung, Pendopo Teras, and Angka Tahun temple. In the central yard iss Induk temple. This is  the main temple in Penataran temple. And the back yard there is a fish pond.
There are we can look some temple with relief, many sellers are selling snack and drinks, area park, mosque, and toilet. We can do take a picture together and we pass many beautiful view. Then we go home with happy. Unfortunately, Penataran temple doesn’t have acomodation. This temple complex is a cluster of several buildings that ran in the northwest-southeast axis. On the back of the main temple on the east side there is a river nearby Mount Kelud. The temple complex is arranged in a linear pattern, some ancillary temple and hall pavilion located in front of the main temple. The layout is different from the temple in Central Java style, for example Sewu, which are arranged in a mandala pattern concentric with the main temple is located in the center courtyard of the temple surrounded by rows of ancillary temples. Linear arrangement pattern with a pattern somewhat irregular in Penataran temple is typical of East Java style that developed in Kediri until the Majapahit era, and then continued on a pattern layout Pura Bali.
Upgrading Temple building complex occupies a land area of 12 946 square meters in a row stretching from the northwest to the east and southeast. The entire complex enshrinement pages except the southeastern part is divided into three sections, separated by two walls. To more easily understand kompek Penataran temple, parts of Penataran temple called the front page, a central courtyard and backyard. The composition of the temple complex of Upgrading a very unique and are not arranged symmetrically. It is a portrait that the making of the temple is not in one period. Inscription Palah is the inscription made by King Srengga and found in the temple courtyard Upgrading to the year 1119 Saka or 1197 AD [3] explains that “signifies Kertajaya happy with the fact does not occur disappearance of the four corners of the catastrophe” of the phrase “tandhan krtajayayåhya / ri bhuktiniran tan pariksirna nikang hyang chess headman hinaruhåra nika “. The excitement then he lavished with construction orders inscription written in a linggapala by Amogeçwara MPU or MPU also called Talaluh. The building functioned to worship him Bathara Palah, as stated in the inscription that beerbunyi “Cri Maharaja sdangnira sanityangkên Pratidina i sira Palah majesty of Lord” which means “When she Sri Maharaja senantiyasa every day are in place Bathara Palah”. And Penataran temple referred to as Palah temple.

PACOH be located in Penataran village, Nglegok subdistrict, Blitar regency. Pacoh near with Penataran temple. Pacoh also be located in the Penataran temple complexs. This place is lake and completed with garden and tree house. There are we can take a picture together, fishing, take a videos, enjoying, etc. There are we also finding a grave and the tree that used for hinduist prayer. There are doesn’t seller snack or drink, so we can bring some snack from home. The entry ticket for parking are Rp 3000. For access to Pacoh are ready but suppose difficult. The front part starting from the entrance in the entrance area. In this section there are some very large tree with branches that seemed to be left wild with a very large size. This tree of sponge rubber tree species. In terms of size, this tree is estimated to have hundreds of years old. besides, there is a gazebo that serves as a place to relax. Next to the sponge rubber trees there is also a bamboo tree that memperindang this first area. In this area there are stairs connecting the second bagia, namely the lake. The usefulness of this lake for supplay weeks to irrigation and water taps. This lake has a fairly wide area. Since 2010, the lake is also used as a fishing area and a play area duck boat. In this lake there are also hundreds tilapia fish, which the fish was found by the blitar. The existence of this lake give a different impression. After pampered with thick large tree, then visitors suguhi refreshing view of the lake. This lake is quite well preserved, because it is used as a source of irrigation water and taps. This lake has the potential to serve as a vehicle for water travel. The third part of nature Pacoh is a park located in the west of the lake. This park contains some ornamental plants and green grass are well maintained. At the center of the garden there is a fish pond. Fish pond and a bridge made of bamboo also a section north. In the garden area there are several seating that can be used by the visitors. The park is well maintained and kept clean, it looked when the observation there are some people who are caring for plants and cleaning the park area, so be especially comfortable area for children’s play area. The fourth section, the section is located on the north side. Footpaths leafy trees make a different atmosphere again with other parts. Jungle track interesting for visitors because visitors can feel the impression was walking in the jungle. Although it seems wildly, but the trail is fairly well preserved because there janitor sweeping and cleaning the area of the jungle track. This path will take visitors diarea Sadranan Flag Joyo Subroto. Sadranan is still used for ritual every Thursday night by some of the surrounding communities. Excess Attractions Nature Pacoh. Pacoh natural tourism potential is very good. The advantage of this place is that there are some rides together in one area. The first area is that there are trees that are large, the second area is the lake, the third area is the garden, and the fourth area is a jungle track and Sadranan Flag Joyo Subroto. These attractions are also away from the crowd so that visitors will mendapatakan tranquility, in addition, cool weather and an affordable entry fee also become overloaded. Another advantage is that visitors will get cool air and beautiful scenery along the way / route to get to this point has also been good in terms of infrastructure. On the other hand, Pacoh nature under the auspices of PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XII Bantaran Upgrading section. Therefore these tours are already investors who already manage. It is increasingly easy to enhance and improve existing facilities to increase the effect and comfort of the visitors so that they are keen to come back. Disadvantages of the Object Nature Pacoh. after going through observation, there are some shortcomings to the attention. Nature Pacoh basically the potential to be developed further. The realignment of this area is still needed so that even if the concept is natural, but rather looks neat, although at this time has been maintained, but more can be rearranged back. The extent of this tourist area can still be utilized right to plus various other tourist facilities. This tourist destination also has a lake, which is currently intended only for irrigation and water supply taps only. In addition to matters related to facilities very limited, in fact Pacoh nature can contribute to the welfare of the surrounding community such as empowering the community. Lack of information about this attraction to the community is also an obstacle to the development of nature tourism Pacoh because society is not so fully aware of the nature Pacoh travel information.