Nov 22

Objek Wisata Blitar

Sirah kencong is one of the tea plantations in Blitar. Which is located on the banks of the tea plantatons Wlingi the distance of about 90 minutes. Access roads are loss supportive of making a long latency.
Along the way we will be presented with a beautiful view of the green on the mountain. Because surely the tea garden located in the highlands. Therefore we can look around the mountain from the top. Not only that we will be greeted by the chirping of birds that make this place feels comfortable and enjoyable.
Waterfall so not only tea garden alone but there are also waterfalls. But if we go there on a rainy day, it is better not to visit the place. Because it does not close the possibility of flooding. Because the water flow will increase.
And when you visit there do not forget to buy ken tea black tea, because the first is said. He said the tea is only sold outsaide the country, in the days of Soeharto. But now we will easily find the ken tea black tea that is now.

Including the beautiful natural attractions in the town of Blitar, which Tirto Galuh waterfalls. Located in the Sidomulyo vallage Bakung distric Blitar city. But before we reach the waterfall that we should walk away with the passing of plantations residents mileage is about 100 meters.
Because we had to walk should not have thought if the street is not a lot of obstacles. Since this lace is corner name is also waterfall we remain encouraged cautious. Because the road is uphill and the road is slippery that if we are not carefull we will slip or events that are undesireble.
It is beautiful natural attractions. With the beauty of unspoiled and still awake is suitable for thr place reassuring. Theplace as also ideal for the photographer because here truly exotic scenery so suitable to be baground shooting.


Sand beach that has this unique call Jolosutro beach. This unique black sand is different from other beaches. To go to the beach about 45 kilometers, to get there just paved so it can be earsier and more convenient to go to the beach. There you will find many warning signs because it is one of jolosutro beach in the south path, because jolosutro beach is one of beaches located in the southern part. So the big waves, although not happen tide. But to better enjoy better beach stroll on the black sand beach. Do not have to  worry at jolosutro already there are trades who are ready to serve you who want to fill the stomach.