Apr 25

Package Blitar

Many tourism options while in Blitar, Blitar geography of side including the small area. Very advantageous for tourists to visit tourist objects in Blitar because not too far away, could in tembuh approximately 30 minutes. Attractions that we offer as follows:


  1. departing from
  2. Blitar Travel Package Schedule
  3. The first trip to the temple Penataran
  4. The historical tour guide accompanied Penataran Temple
  5. Journey towards the Tomb Bung Karno
  6. Pilgrimage at the tomb of the Tomb of Bung Karno and Museum MBK
  7. rickshaw ride to the Palace Gebang
  8. rickshaw ride home to eat bu Mamik
  9. continue traveled to the village of chocolate
  10. shopping center snack industry blitar
  11. dinner at angkringan 77 kademangan
  12. back to the hotel



  • Tourism fleets (buses, elf, Avanza)
  • Blitar Guide (support Speak English)
  • Hotel rooms fit demand
  • Eating on demand

Walkers, objectives, facilities, accommodation can be adapted according to demand. At least 2 people travel packages. Price info contact;

More info:

Pin : 21F869CF

Hp : 082 331 077 007