Nov 22

Wisata Blitar


Be located in Karanganyar orchard, Modangan village, Nglegok districts, Blitar. route that can be used to get here is from the intersection Market Upgrading turn right towards the village of Modangan after arriving at the Village Office intersection to turn left Modangan in line with directions to Arca Warak and Kampoeng Melon and Follow the road until it arrives at a coffee garden kranganyar. This plantation has unique characteristics, namely the Dutch colonial feel very thick, so many people who came and took pictures in an interesting spot to be spot background photo belakangnya.Spot commonly in use visitor photo background is a building that reads “DE Karanganjar KOFFIEPLANTAGE” mostly also upload the result of the photo to a social media so that other people who see it are definitely interested and come here

.In the coffee plantations Karanganyar visitors can enjoy educational tours of coffee and also cultural tourism Blitar and see the collection of paintings from Tibet very interesting. Situation more classic feel more so because gamelan Java is played by the nayaga are in this place. Every year there is an event that attracts attention in Karanganyar estate is a local ritual Manten picking coffee. Ritual in the area of plantations up to the Tomb / Punden Nitisari Gadhung Kucur Bed and spring 35 is held to mark the picking season and milled. This place has had Caffe labeled “O.G Caffe” which already attract visitors and the menu was the same as another cafe just developed and adjusted to the background nuanced Dutch Colonial plantation. in Karanganyar Coffee Plantation also developed ‘end museum, heritage museum, and camping ground. and former Regent Bp. Herry Noegroho almost every day were in a coffee plantation this karanganyar so if we are lucky we can take pictures with him





pangi beach located in Krajan, Tumpakkepuh Village, Blitar, East Java Province. very strategic location because it does away with beaches and caves embultuk.Acces Tambakrejo current path is relatively easy, clear signposts, parking lot that has been managed reasonably well, as well as the presence of food stalls provide comfort for the visitors that do not need fear of hunger and thirst hehe.For shoreward Pangi this is the route to get there: Blitar – Kademangan – follow the route to the beach Tambakrejo – after village Pasiraman follow the road to the Cave Umbultuk – then changed direction to follow the route to the beach Pangi by following the signs in Street. visitors can park vehicles in diparkiran above, and subsequent journey continues on foot about 200 meters untu enjoy the beauty we do not need to pay the ticket but only paying parking fees alone. there is a river that empties into the sea straight transverse cut road, although there is still a bridge to cross the river.Pangi Beach shaped like a basin. A coastline jutting into the mainland. On the right and left are hills and high cliffs that surround the beach.Pangi beach is unique, because there is a brackish water lake, but the lake has a depth that is different and muddy soil.






Bung Karno Grave is located in the Village Bendogerit, Sanawetan District, Blitar, East Java. Bung Karno Grave is located in one complex with a museum and library Bung Karno, Bung Karno Grave complex has become an icon for the city of Blitar, because he was the first president of Indonesia were buried in Blitar. when entered into the Bung Karno Grave complex we will welcome a large solid pillars, statues of Bung Karno who was sitting reading a book, and there are wall reliefs that tell the life of Bung Karno. In the library, visitors can obtain more information on everything related to the struggle of Bung Karno and Bung Karno book by book. there are various types of collections here is a special collection of Bung Karno, a reference collection, a collection of periodicals, public collections and Idayu collection, a collection of children and adolescent. The library is comfortable, quiet and spacious to make students feel at home, students and others to come aboard , There are also Bung Karno Museum that holds a large collection of objects – relics of Bung Karno.And One of the collections of the most widely become a visitor attraction, is painting Bung Karno. this painting as living persons because right chest painting section, there are rhythms pulse beating. The museum also keeps a red and white flag made of cloth Mokena and had flown in Rengas dengklok. and it is the center of attention is the tomb of Bung Karno itself is flanked by the tomb of the father and mother Bung Karno who are in a place called Astono mulyo.There are mosque facilities, a gazebo, and a garden to add to the beauty of the tomb. Grave of Soekarno, was inaugurated by President Soeharto on June 21, 1979.